Chris is a top-notch programmer, problem solver, and all-around great guy. I have known him for many years, having worked with him on a couple of successful projects, most recently our application-based website, ShareOregon. He setup the server, installed the Ruby on Rails application, and was able to troubleshoot and solve numerous challenges along the way.

One of the best things about working with Chris is how well he communicates; he writes very clearly and is always available to talk to brainstorm or troubleshoot issues. His flexibility, eagerness to help, and ability to solve complex problems make him an absolute pleasure to work with, not to mention his wonderful sense of humor and brilliant, highly-educated intellect. There are a lot of programmers, but Chris is among a select few I would hire with confidence.

Rick Reynolds

Founder, ShareOregon / Engaging Press

We have been very happy with the quality of Chris’ work. He has helped us with a few programming projects: an Ajax web form that feeds into a MailChimp API, and a pair of Cordova apps (one for iOS and one for Android) that shows video from a web cam, displays data from an RSS feed, and tracks movement via GPS coordinates to estimate distance traveled.

All deliverables were completed on time and functioned as expected, with no major issues along the way. Chris came through for our projects, and I recommend him without reservation.

Ben Kyan, mindcast software

Chris is my go-to! He absolutely knows his stuff, from WordPress / WP plugin creation, mySQL, Jquery, PHP – you name it, he’s probably done it. He works efficiently and creatively, and it’s easy to tell that he takes great pride in his work. He codes using best practices and knows that sometimes non-coders will need to use what he creates, and the work he’s done for me has always had a GUI component that is easy to use, understand, and implement. It seems to be a rare thing in freelancing, but Chris is thorough – he asks questions and wants to truly understand the project before starting so that there are no surprises down the road, and this quality ensures that any project can be completed on-time and within budget. For any of my future projects, if Chris is available, the bid will always go to him first!

Tim Corley

2012 through 2014

The dates I’ve listed here reflect the most recent work that Chris David has done for my company. However, he has been our go-to guy for outside application development, website migration and general troubleshooting for the past three years. One of his most critical contributions was building a custom dealer locator that provided search results using both geographic and product line parameters. His geolocation-based solution let us get rid of an outdated system that required users to identify their country, state and county. Chris is a prompt and clear communicator who always seems to be adding more skills to his portfolio. It’s a pleasure to work with him.

Jennifer Brandlon