DOCPAC dog walk tracker (Cordova/PhoneGap)

A non-profit pet adoption center wanted an app to deliver video to its volunteers, and also provide a method of keeping track of dog walks for those who adopt dogs.

The existing DOCPAC website had a fully responsive (i.e. layout optimized for mobile) website which looked great.  While developing the mobile app was fully my task, taking advantage of the existing look and feel allowed me to focus purely on the back end functionality, such as geotracking, YouTube video delivery, ip-cam video delivery, slurping content from WordPress APIs and Petango APIs.

The app was developed using Cordova, which is the open source sister of PhoneGap, a technology owned by Adobe Systems, Inc. Cordova was a key component in being able to reuse the existing responsive layout, since Cordova apps are HTML5 apps.

The image to the right in the top left corner is the DOCPAC mobile home page. The pet dog listing, events page, and the cat-cam utilize a web service Chris created to proxy information from other services. The cat-cam is a live web-cam feed, and uses an open source backend module called Paparazzo within the webservice to distribute the video to a wider audience while not overloading the camera. The pet listing page is a proxied version of’s API. And the events (not shown except the button on the home page) is a proxied WordPress RSS feed. StrongLoop / LoopBack is used to proxy both the events and Petango pet listing.