Chris David is a seasoned software developer with experience in web technologies and embedded systems.  He writes quality code, striving to achieve a balance between expediency and maintainability.  His persistence and focus allow him to solve challenging problems, and he especially enjoys working on projects where he can complete the entire task solo, since it can be so efficient.  Just as importantly, he enjoys satisfying his customers.

Chris has been programming for about 20 years, with varied experience including web applications, linux kernel development, device firmware, and plain ‘ol websites.  He has experience with embedded systems that implement audio control in real-time for both corporate and musical instrument applications.  And he has worked on web applications ranging from those requiring only a few days to complete, up to multi-year projects involving multiple developers.

Chris’ strongest skills are HTML5/CSS, python, PHP, JavaScript, C++ and C, and he is experienced with the following web-based frameworks: Angular.js, node.js / Express, StrongLoop / LoopBack, and Django, as well as the following database technologies: MySQL, MSSQL, postgres, mongodb.  Chris also understands the value of unit tests and uses them in every project in which writing code is involved.  He is also comfortable learning new skills as necessary.  He is especially seeking web application projects, either traditional or single-page web apps.  He can also do mobile device development using Cordova and PhoneGap to compile HTML5 apps into smart device binaries for iOS and Android.

Chris is comfortable working on large code bases, and would be an excellent choice for maintenance on existing projects. When he is not programming, he enjoys hiking, composing music, motorcycling, bicycling, gardening, cooking, and spending time with his wife and son.